News for Estrella War 2012

Planning for the ball at EW 2012 has been delayed while we evaluate the new site and availability of dance leaders. I am tentatively planning to schedule only the Friday night Grand Ball, but other balls may be scheduled as I hear more.

Set lists have also delayed. I hope to have something posted by the end of the year. Due to the loss of my previous hosting service and the migration to WordPress, I may not be able to post all the music here, but I will provide contact information to either get the music from me or download it from another file hosting service.

***Update 11/21/11: Finally figured out how to upload PDFs, so the links on the Set List page are all active. Sheet music for the 2012 set lists will be posted here as soon as the lists are set.

***Update 1/5/12: Requests have been made with Special Events for the Friday night Grand Ball. I’m waiting to hear confirmation on that, and confirmation on set lists from the prospective dance leaders, before posting the music. I hope to have that up very soon. There will be very few changes from previous years.

More to come…



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