Balls at Estrella War

Estrella War is held annually in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Estrella War XXX will be held February 25 – March 3, 2014.

The Grand Ball is held on Friday night in the Grand Court Pavillion. Dancers from across the Known World gather for the ball, and we have had musicians from four or more kingdoms to accompany them. There will be brief teaching for each dance, to encourage new dancers. There will be 2-3 opportunities for the musicians to rehearse on site, prior to the ball, and musicians are encouraged to drop in and play even if they cannot make the rehearsals.

Other Balls

There may be other opportunities for dancing. Check the Special Events page, Collegium Schedule, or gate book for other dance events.

[The following information is being maintained for reference.] Previously we have held a Caroso Ball on Sunday afternoon. In a Caroso Ball, the dance leader chooses a dance and invites another dancer to the floor (more if necessary to complete the set). There is little or no teaching, but “cheat sheets” will be available. Then, the person whom the dance leader invited becomes dance leader #2, chooses another dance, and invites someone else to the floor. That person then becomes dance leader #3 and chooses the third dance, and so on.

2011 Caroso Ball Cheat Sheets in PDF format (for reference only)
Booklet format (print double-sided and fold into a booklet)
Linear format
Note: It is impossible to represent every regional variation in dances. These steps are based on what local dance instructors teach, and what fits the music we have.


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